Red Light Traffic Violation

Red Light Traffic Violation

What is a Red Light Traffic Violation?

A red light traffic violation occurs when a driver enters an intersection after the traffic signal light has turned red, or when the driver otherwise fails to obey the proper traffic laws related to a red light. A solid red light at a traffic signal means the driver must come to a complete stop until the light turns green. A blinking red light means the driver should stop and proceed as he or she would at a stop sign. Unless otherwise posted, drivers may turn right after stopping at a red light, so long as they yield to whomever has the right of way.

A driver might commit a red light traffic violation if he or she runs a red light, fails to stop completely, does not yield the right of way, or turns right on red where there are traffic signs that prevent such turns. Red light traffic violations can result in fines, points on your driving record, loss of license and problems with your insurance. With the implementation of red light cameras at many major intersections, red light traffic violations have become easier for law enforcement to catch.

Red Light Traffic Violation Lawyers

If you have committed a red light traffic violation, a traffic law lawyer may be able to assist you in fighting the charge. A traffic law lawyer will examine the conditions of your red light traffic violation and try to find a way to challenge it. Having an attorney on your side could help you get penalties reduced, or get the charge dropped completely, saving your license and your driving record.

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