Improper Turn Lawyer

Improper Turns

What are Improper Turns?

Making an improper turn occurs when a driver illegally turns left or right at a traffic light, stop sign, or intersection. Traffic laws dictate when a driver is allowed to make a turn legally. For example, drivers may not turn on red at certain traffic lights, and they must turn from the appropriate lane (right lane when turning right, left lane when turning left). When a driver ignores traffic signals, turns before it is their turn, or turns from the wrong lane, they are making an improper turn. Making an improper turn can lead to accidents and thus is illegal. If you receive a citation for an improper turn, you will be fined and have a point added to your driving record.

Improper Turn Lawyers

A traffic law attorney can help you defend yourself against an improper turn citation. Lawyers that specialize in traffic law and traffic violations can be your best chance at fighting an improper turn citation. Since an improper turn ticket can lead to high fines and points on your record, it is important to seek the help of a lawyer who may be able to lessen your fines, save your license, and may even be able to get the charge dismissed completely.

Lawyer Referral Service

Attorney Search Network can help you defend yourself if you have received an improper turn ticket. We will refer you to a lawyer in your area that will work hard to get your citation reduced or dismissed. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in traffic law and will consult with you about your specific improper turn case.

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