Hit and Run Lawyer

Fleeing an Officer/Accident Scene (Hit and Run)

What is a Hit and Run?

When a driver collides with or crashes into another vehicle, person or property and fails to stop, he or she is committing the crime of fleeing an officer or accident scene, also known as a hit and run. Any driver in an accident or collision has a legal responsibility to stop, identify oneself and exchange information with the other party involved. This would include showing proof of insurance and driver's license information so the other party may file a claim if necessary. In some accidents, it may also be necessary to notify the police.

If the driver flees the scene, however, he or she is committing the criminal act of a hit and run. Hit and run incidents commonly occur in parking lots or on streets where cars are parked along the side of the road, or in areas of high pedestrian traffic.

Hit and run incidents are serious crimes that carry extensive penalties and consequences. If convicted of a hit and run, the driver may face high fines, suspension of his or her license, and imprisonment. Hit and run drivers are commonly caught when a witness sees the accident and records the license plate of the driver, or if the driver suffers damage to his or her vehicle and takes it into a repair shop where it may then be identified and matched to the accident.

Hit and Run Lawyers

Traffic law lawyers can help if you have been involved in a hit and run accident. Fleeing an officer or the scene of an accident can lead to damaging consequences. A lawyer can help you avoid these consequences by representing you in or before court and with your insurance company. A traffic law attorney may be able to help you avoid arrest, avoid losing your license, avoid unnecessary expenses, and avoid a criminal record for a hit and run accident.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.