Criminal Traffic Violation Law

Criminal Traffic Violation

What are Criminal Traffic Violations?

Criminal traffic violations are part of criminal law. They encompass major traffic offenses, as opposed to civil traffic violations, which are much less severe. Criminal traffic violations include misdemeanors such as reckless driving or a DUI, or they can be counted as felonies for such things as not stopping when a law enforcement officer attempts to pull you over.

If convicted of a criminal traffic violation, you could face a driver's license suspension, hefty fine, a court trial or even jail time. The penalties are typically much hasher than those given to drivers charged with civil traffic violations. Sentences are mandatory and the driver may be asked to forfeit his or her freedom rather than pay a fine.

Criminal Traffic Violations

If charged with a criminal traffic violation, it is important to contact a crimnal law lawyer immediately. Criminal traffic violations are serious offenses and they can greatly impact your life and financial situation. A criminal defense attorney can best help you assess your options and understand your legal rights. Depending on the severity of your criminal traffic violation, a lawyer can help represent you in court and will work hard to fight your charge.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.