Civil Traffic Violation Law

Civil Traffic Violation

What are Civil Traffic Violations?

There are two main types of traffic violations: civil and criminal. Civil traffic violations are minor traffic offenses, compared to criminal traffic violations which are much more severe. Civil traffic violations include offenses such as speeding, driving without proof of insurance or vehicle registration, driving with an invalid or expired drivers license, failure to obey traffic rules or signals/signs, etc.

The penalties for civil traffic violations are typically less severe than those that accompany criminal violations. If charged with a civil traffic violation, the driver may choose to admit fault and either attend driving school or pay a penalty, or the driver may deny fault and attend a hearing to fight the charge. In either case, the charge will not show up on the driver's criminal record. However, the driver may have points added to his or driving record, which could in turn lead to higher insurance rates and the eventual suspension of his or her license.

Civil Traffic Violation Lawyers

Although civil traffic violations are not as extreme as criminal traffic violations, they still carry inconvenient consequences and can add up to a loss of driving privileges. Consulting a traffic violation lawyer can help you navigate state statutes and understand the nature of your violation. A lawyer can help you fight the charge, reduce the penalties, and ultimately save your license.

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If you have been charged with a civil traffic violation, seek the assistance of a traffic law attorney. Contact Attorney Search Network for a lawyer referral to an attorney with experience in fighting civil traffic violations.

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If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.