Lead Paint Poisoning Injury Law

Lead Paint Poisoning Injury Legal Issues:

Lead Paint Poisoning Injury Law:

Lead paint poisoning is a big environmental risk, especially to young children. Lead is used in paint, plumbing fixtures and gasoline. Even though lead paint was banned in 1978, it remains on older buildings. When chipping or peeling is ingested, it can cause lead paint poisoning. In large amounts, lead can cause brain damage, behavior problems, anemia, kidney problems and birth defects.

Lead Paint Poisoning Legal Issues:

When ingested at high levels, lead paint poisoning can lead to mental retardation, convulsions and even death. Poisoned children can suffer a lower IQ and attention span, impaired growth and behavioral effects. Sometimes, lead paint poisoning does not have identifiable symptoms and is hard to prove. A blood test is a way of finding out if a child is poisoned. A child who suffers lead paint poisoning may require special education and earn less money when they get older due to their intellectual incapacitation.

What an Injury Lawyer can do for you:

Since lead paint poisoning has serious health consequences which can affect a child long term, a parent has the right to get justice. A lead paint poisoning lawyer can help you fight the negligence of individuals, corporations or agencies that have used lead paint. If your child has been poisoned and you have medical expenses, you may be entitled to compensation. Serious personal injury lawyers understand that your child's future prospects are weakened and will help you get the compensation you need.

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