Violation of Restraining Order Law

Violation of Restraining Orders

What is a Violation of a Restraining Order?

If a person has been abused, threatened, or harassed by another individual, a restraining order or temporary restraining order may be issued by a court in order to protect the victim and lessen the risk of abuse. However, while a restraining order is meant to keep the abuser away from the victim, it may not guarantee absolute protection. In the unfortunate cases in which the abuser continues to contact the victim, the restraining order is violated. Violation of restraining orders are very serious for both parties.

The violation of a restraining order is a serious crime that can lead to arrest and other penalties. It may result in jail time, high fines, or probation. Repeat offenders that commit more than one violation of restraining orders may face harsher punishments and penalties that can be life changing.

Violation of Restraining Orders Lawyers

In order to be convicted of a violation of a restraining order, the court must prove that the defendant intentionally committed the violation "beyond any reasonable doubt." A lawyer can help gather this necessary evidence to convict the defendant if your restraining order has been violated. With a restraining order issued, you deserve to be protected and safe from further abuse or harm. If your abuser committed a violation of a restraining order, an attorney can help you achieve justice.

If you are accused of violating a restraining order, an attorney can help defend you. A lawyer can represent your side and possibly help you avoid a misdemeanor or felony charge for a violation of a restraining order.

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