Temporary Restraining Order Law

Temporary Restraining Orders

What is a Temporary Restraining Order?

If a person is suffering from abuse or harassment by another party, he or she may file a restraining order that brings a stop to the abuse. A court will order the abuser to stay away from the victim, the victim's home, family and workplace. If the victim needs immediate help and needs to get away from the abuser quickly, a temporary restraining order may be put in place. Once a temporary restraining order is issued, a second hearing will be held in court to decide whether or not the restraining order becomes permanent.

Temporary Restraining Order Lawyers

A temporary restraining order can help protect you and your children from abuse, threats, harassment or violent situations. Family law lawyers understand how sensitive and dangerous these situations may be and they will work hard to help you escape them.

A lawyer can help you file a temporary restraining order quickly so that you can no longer be harmed. You deserve to feel safe and live your life without fear. Thus, a temporary restraining order may be a wise decision. An attorney will help you file the necessary paperwork and present your case in a hearing so that you can put a stop to any abuse.

Lawyer Referral Service

If you are being abused, harassed, or feel you may be in danger from another individual, contact Attorney Search Network today for a referral to a family law lawyer in your area. An experienced attorney will assist you in filing a temporary restraining order as quickly as possible. Family law lawyers know how to help protect you and your family, and can ensure you get the support you need.

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