Contesting Restraining Orders Law

Contesting Restraining Orders

What is the law regarding Contesting a Restraining Order?

A restraining order is a court issued order that prevents an individual from contacting or being near another individual. Someone may file a restraining order against another if they have been abused or threatened and feel unsafe in that person's presence. The order will keep the abuser away from the victim's home and workplace, and can also stop them from having any contact at all.

Unfortunately, some individuals may file a restraining order unlawfully against someone who does not deserve it. In this case, contesting a restraining order may be possible. A restraining order against you could affect your child custody, visitation rights, reputation and family. Sometimes, a restraining order may be used by one party in a divorce to gain an advantage over or to punish the other party. If you are issued a restraining order based on false allegations or unjust reasons, you should consider contesting the restraining order immediately.

Contesting Restraining Orders Lawyers

If you need help contesting a restraining order, a family law attorney can help you. Contesting a restraining order can be challenging, especially if the other party has a lawyer. You will need a lawyer on your side to help prove your case, file necessary paperwork, and represent you in front of a judge. If you do not deserve to have a restraining order issued against you, contact an experienced attorney to help you contest it quickly so that it does have any devastating effects on your life.

Lawyer Referral Service

If you have received a restraining order, contact Attorney Search Network for assistance. We can provide you with a lawyer referral to an experienced defense attorney that will defend your rights. An attorney can help you contest a retraining order issued against you and will work hard to get the restraining order lifted as soon as possible.

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