Assault and Battery Injury

Assault and Battery Injury Law

What is Assault and Battery?

Injury victims of an Assault and battery can seek relief through a personal injury law tort or lawsuit. An assault is an intentional act that creates fear in the victim of possible battery, which is unlawful touching against a person's will. Assault and battery is a criminal offense, in which the defendant intends to threaten someone and then cause him or her physical harm.

Victims of assault and battery crimes experience physical, physiological, mental, property and financial losses. California law allows victims of these crimes to seek funds to recover from injuries, replace damages, stolen or destroyed property and rehabilitate from injures and other traumas. Commonly called Crime Victims Rights, Assault and Battery injury law is an option injured victims should investigate to help them recover.

Assault and Battery Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers may be able to help secure funds for your recovery from an assault and battery. Our injury lawyers are experienced in many varieties of circumstances leading to an assault and battery injury, and can thus assist you in best developing your case. Personal injury lawyer can investigate if the party who committed the assault and battery has assets to peruse. Assault and Battery injury lawyers can also seek out circumstance in which other parties are also negligent and liable.

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