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Sexual Harassment

What is Sexual Harassment law?

Workplace Sexual harassment is any form of unwanted, non-consensual sexual advances or activity. It is a subset of sexual discrimination. Sexual harassment can be unwelcome physical contact, sexual advances, inappropriate touching or inappropriate language, requests or propositions for sexual favors, or any other similar situation that makes the victim uncomfortable. Extreme cases of sexual harassment can include rape or sexual abuse. All such instances can cause emotional or physical trauma, humiliation, fear, frustration, withdrawal, and/or other mental disorders.

In the workplace, sexual harassment is illegal and should be reported immediately. It is important to keep in mind that sexual harassment can come in many forms. For example:

  • The victim or harasser can be either male or female.
  • Though the harassment may be directed towards one person, others may also be negatively affected and feel like victims.
  • The harasser may be a coworker, boss, supervisor, business associate, agent, or other non-employee involved in the workplace.

Aside from the emotional and/or physical suffering that the victim of sexual harassmentth may experience, he or she may also feel as if they cannot return to work, thus being forced to lose or abandon their job. Studies have shown that most victims of sexual harassment at work do not report the abuse or file a complaint for fear of losing their jobs or hurting their reputation. Any form of sexual harassment in the workplace can severely interfere with an individual's work, create uncomfortable and intimidating work environments, jeopardize the victim's career, and compromise the business itself.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers

It is important to speak up against sexual harassment if you find yourself in such a situation at work. Victims should first and foremost provide a written report or complaint to their supervisor, head of the company, or any other responsible individual in the workplace. Such a complaint should include all details of the incident and any names of witnesses or pieces of evidence left behind. If the employer does not seek immediate action, the victim should contact a sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible. A sexual harassment lawyer can defend the victim and explore all options for legal protection, including litigation or lawsuits against the harasser and/or the company. Filing a complaint can be an emotional and stressful situation after suffering from sexual harassment, so having an experienced lawyer on your side can help you not only feel safe, but also get the justice you deserve.

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