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Employment Contracts

What are Employment Contracts?

Employment contracts are legal documents that outline the relationship between an employer and employee. They will define the terms and conditions of employment, and the obligations of both the employer and the employee. The employment contract may cover items such as job title, compensation, benefits, commission structures, length of employment, job duties, and the basis of termination. Once signed by both parties, the employment contract is considered to be legally binding.

If the employee or employer violates any terms or conditions of the contract, there may be serious legal consequences involved. Employment contracts should be taken seriously so that the rights of both the employer and employee remain protected.

Employment Contract Lawyers

Employment contract lawyers can consult with employers and employees before they draft or sign a contract. They can explain the terms and obligations in the contract, help you understand what is expected of you, negotiate terms to your benefit, and advise you on how to best proceed with your employment under your specific employment contract.

If the employment contract is violated for any reason, such as discrimination or harassment claims, workers compensation disputes, unemployment benefits, wrongful termination, safety issues, etc., an employment contract lawyer can help both parties come to a resolution. An experienced lawyer will legally defend the employer or employee if needed in any employment contract cases.

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